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 Lookat Agency places event personnel, models, exhibition hosts and hostesses, and promotional staff from Nuremberg and in Nuremberg.

Years of work experiences in personnel placement have made us skilled in this area and we know what kind of expertise hosts and hostesses need to have to make your event a big success.

Therefore we take our recruiting process very seriously and want to fulfil your interest at the most. We know that our clients highly value professional, motivated, flexible and experienced personnel which we are able to provide for your event.

Lookat Agency deploys around 3.100 hosts & hostesses per year in all 16 federal states of Germany. With that figure we have proved that we are a reliable and experienced partner in every exhibition show and event, which is also reflected by our reference list. All our hosts and hostesses from Nuremberg are not only highly motivated, they also bring a natural attractiveness. These features are qualified to increase the brand-awareness every company seeks for.

Our strong desire to keep up with our client’s demands drives us to take our recruiting process very seriously. Our hosts and hostesses from Nuremberg are hand-picked, so we can ensure the high level of professionalism and attractiveness. To maintain our service quality, we school our hosts and hostesses from Nuremberg regarding business etiquettes. As we have developed a strong personal connection with our personnel, we are able to find the right host and/or hostess type for your event.

Lookat Agency – Recruitment agency Nuremberg – meets clients’ at the point of emotion.

  • Event staffing Nuremberg support you in the presentation of your product
  • Nuremberg Promo Girls will increase attention towards your stand
  • Hospitality staff from Nuremberg will greet your customers
  • Nuremberg Exhibition Hostesses will distribute Giveaways and merchandising products
  • Promotional Girls from Nuremberg give your exhibition stand a fresh, energized and remarkable image that will attract attention at the fair
  • Bilingual Hostesses will support you with translation

Lookat Agency is not only a supplier of staff; we are also a reliable partner in organisational and marketing strategy questions concerning your brand and/or event.

Upon request, our competent team will be happy to run the whole organisation, coordination and handling of your trade fair needs, which includes of course the finding of the right hosting staff to represent your company’s image at the event or exhibition.

Moreover Lookat Agency has a variety of different clothing in stock which can be provided on demand. If you have specific ideas about the outfit but you have no time to organise it for your selected event staff, we will be happy to take care of this on your behalf. Please ask for a selection of outfits available.

We are looking forward to your enquiry!

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