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Attention, Attention, Attention. This is the goal of every Promotion campaign in Nuremberg. To receive this attention, you will need a strong frequented area, an impressive appearance, and highly motivated promotional staff who will awake brand-awareness and attract new-customers.

For the promotion of your brand, we as a Promotion Agency from Nuremberg offer experienced, reliable and active Promotional Staff that will present your products and increase the brand-awareness of your company.

Lookat Agency – Promotional Agency Nuremberg - meets clients’ at the point of emotion.

We organise about 3.100 Host/ess placements per year, throughout 16 federal states of Germany. This makes us an extremely reliable and very experienced partner for the placement of event and exhibition staff, which is also reflected on our reference list.

We have a strong desire to keep up with our client’s demands; therefore we take our recruiting process very seriously and want to fulfil your interest at the most. We have analysed our client’s requirements in relation to the placement of Promotional Staff and have adjusted our business model.

Our Nuremberg Promotional Hostesses are hand-picked, so we can ensure a high level of professionalism and attractiveness for any Sales Promotions. To maintain our quality and to enhance our experiences, we regularly supervise our Promotional Staff regarding business etiquettes during jobs and have developed a strong personal connection with our personnel.


  • Street Promotion
  • Sales Promotion
  • Merchandising
  • Sales Promotion
  • ‘Point Of Sale‘ Promotion
  • Roadshows
  • Tastings
  • Club promotion

The goal of every Promotional Activity lies in increasing brand awareness through positive attention. Our attractive Sales Promotion Staffs from Nuremberg are an ideal tool to raise awareness.

In addition, if you have specific ideas about the outfit but have no time to implement it for your selected Promotional Staff; we will be happy to assist. Lookat Agency has a stock of business dresses, as well as casual clothes, which are available upon request. If needed or desired we will furthermore take care of cleaning the clothes in between the days of the exhibition, event or promotion tour.

After submitting a booking request, we will send you a selection of Set Cards from which you have the possibility to choose your favorite Promotional Girls and Boys from Nuremberg and thus decide who will be the best representative during the event.

Please state preferences in your request of booking and we will tailor an individual offer towards your needs.

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